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Embotics Signs Channel Partner Agreement with Right! Systems

Ottawa, Ontario (November 21, 2013) — Embotics®, a leading provider of enterprise-class, hybrid Cloud Management Software, today announced that it has signed an extensive channel partnership agreement with M7 Group’s Right! Systems Inc. The agreement is part of a worldwide channel strategy implemented by Embotics to ensure comprehensive global coverage of its award-winning vCommanderTM cloud management software.

The strategic alliance with Right! Systems Inc. will continue to increase Embotics’ North American presence—Right! Systems Inc., now adding coverage throughout the Northwestern United States and as far north as Alaska.

vCommander’s easy-to-use, platform-neutral Cloud Management Platform (CMP) will allow Right! Systems Inc. clients to deliver IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) from a single console, while continuously monitoring resources to optimize the automation, deployment and configuration of IT services across private, public and hybrid clouds.

“As the newest addition to our already comprehensive portfolio, Embotics will now be an integral component of our company’s offerings,” commented Sean Padget, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Right! Systems Inc. “Embotics vCommanderTM Cloud Management Platform is positioned to further empower Right! Systems’ clients to leverage a comprehensive set of multi-hypervisor virtualization and cloud management capabilities.

“The challenge when searching for the right partner is finding one with the in-depth knowledge and industry expertise needed to integrate our solution as a single component within a more complex enterprise-class offering—Right! Systems Inc. embodied that criterion and more,” said Vice President of Sales, Greg MacPherson. “Its vast and in-depth industry expertise, combined with its portfolio of interrelated consulting, application, and infrastructure services make Right! Systems Inc. a highly valued member of the Embotics team.”


About Right! Systems:

Right! Systems Inc.—a member of the M7 Group of companies—is one of North America’s leading technology services companies providing a range of offerings, including consulting, integration, procurement and support services. In its 20+ years in business, the company has solidified itself as the go-to provider of IT services—its unique and all-encompassing approach includes in-depth collaboration, insightful analysis and industry-specific counsel on strategy, best practices, technology and management.


About Embotics:

Embotics is an enterprise software company with a scalable, policy-based multi-Cloud Management Platform that enables self-service IT while analyzing, orchestrating, governing and brokering across private, public and hybrid clouds. Embotics recently won the top Gold award for Hybrid Cloud at VMworld.

Embotics focuses on ease of use, cost analytics, policy automation, platform neutrality and scalability. The Embotics vCommander platform is being deployed in large enterprises, the mid-market, and by channel partners. Service providers are also deploying vCommander as their Cloud Service Broker (CSB) enablement platform to deliver self-service to their users.

The company has approximately 100 customers, its largest deployment federates 27 globally distributed data centers and the company is seeing a 94% customer renewal rate. Customers include NASA, Cisco, the Dutch Ministry of Defence, Cablevision, McKinsey, Jabil Circuit and the FBI.

For more information, please visit the Embotics and Right! Systems websites: www.embotics.com and www.rightsys.com

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