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Gloves are off as Embotics Removes Vendor Shackles

vCommander Release 5.5 poised as Best-In-Class Cloud Management Platform (CMP)

Ottawa, Canada - July 28, 2015 - Embotics, the anti-shackles cloud management platform company, is heating up the cloud wars this summer with its debut of vCommander Release 5.5. All Embotics (http://www.embotics.com/) vCommander versions deliver unsurpassed performance by eliminating cluster suck (kludging products together that result in steep costs, operational complexity and vendor lock-ins) and removing unneeded and pricey sales representatives.

“Embotics recognizes that IT professionals are smart, sophisticated, and are perfectly capable of understanding a problem and selecting an appropriate solution,” said CEO, Mike Torto. “In recognition of that mindset, we deliberately offer vCommander as a no sales rep, self service IT solution that can be deployed before lunch. We call it buying 2.0 instead of focusing on the selling end of the exchange."

vCommander Release 5.5 (http://www.embotics.com/support/) empowers enterprises and service providers to deliver ITaaS across industry leading private, public or hybrid environment without locking them into a platform with these unique capabilities:

  • No sales reps only solutions
  • Fastest ROI in CMP industry
  • Deployment time from 1 hour to 1 week

According to Embotics founder and president, Jay Litkey, “Since Amazon continues to be the leader in public cloud, it further drives the need to provision more complex services and applications. vCommander Release 5.5 delivers better than any other existing CMP product with our hyper focus on simple, cost effective, and fast cloud management platform enhancements.”

vCommander Release 5.5 best in class features include:

  • Latest release of vCommander doubles down on support for Amazon, providing best in class CMP support for AWS
  • A true platform neutral hybrid cloud CMP for the most consumed private cloud (VMware) and public cloud (AWS)
  • Additional support for Chef provides application provisioning automation seamlessly integrated with the vCommander CMP
  • The AWS support includes capabilities such as CloudFormation templates, allowing for ITaaS for entire application stacks
  • Other new AWS capabilities include GovCloud for public sector IT organizations
  • CloudWatch integration providing rightsizing recommendations to optimize cost/performance of Amazon instances
  • Existing support for Puppet and newly added support for Chef allows for service definitions and automation of both the infrastructure and application provisioning

Check out how VMware’s vRA stacks up: a cluster suck approach results in vendor lock-in, with a typical deployment range of months to quarters, and on-going care and feeding which eats away at the automation and agility ROI a CMP is supposed to deliver.

IT organizations seeking these specific features will benefit most from a switch to vCommander Release 5.5:

  • Looking for a “single pane of glass” CMP across VMware and Amazon AWS, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Azure, and HP Helion Cloud
  • Looking to get control back of public cloud “shadow IT”
  • Looking to become “cloud brokers”

The takeaway? Beware VMware—enterprises and service providers will soon realize that Embotics’ vCommander Release 5.5 outperforms in every category and will command attention as this summer’s CMP blockbuster.

Customer Feedback:

“vCommander continues to deliver the innovation we require to compete in the cloud services market. As a service provider, we chose Embotics vCommander as a key enabler for our cloud and managed service offerings. We are excited to see the continued innovation delivered in this 5.5 release, which will further enable us to provide leading edge services to our customers." –James Melchor, CTO of DYONYX (http://www.dyonyx.com/)

“With the additional support of these enhanced AWS capabilities, vCommander allows us to provide our managed service offerings as brokered workloads in AWS, in addition to the existing capability of providing IaaS workloads in Connectria’s own data centers. This allows us to deliver private, public, or hybrid cloud services while at the same time ensuring reliability, performance, security, and support for our customers. The new Chef integration also provides a consistent service catalog and automated configuration management, which helps us deliver a rich self-service experience in a timely fashion." –Rich Waidmann, President & CEO Connectria (http://www.connectria.com/)

“Enterprise and service provider data centers are embracing automation as a way to deliver agility to their business. The combination of Chef’s automation capabilities with vCommander's self-service and orchestration, provide a compelling solution for those who want to provide private, public, and hybrid cloud ITaaS with best of breed technologies.” –Ken Cheney, VP of Business Development, Chef (https://www.chef.io/)

About Embotics:

Embotics is the anti-shackles cloud management platform company with a no sales rep, vendor neutral, and easy to use, self-service IT solution that can be delivered before lunch. Their vCommander empowers enterprises and service providers to deliver ITaaS across any private, public or hybrid environment without locking them into a platform. For additional information please visit Embotics (http://www.embotics.com/).


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