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New Whitepaper: Regaining Control Over Self-Service Provisioning

Over the last several years, many organizations have moved beyond the basic virtual datacenter, and created private or hybrid IaaS clouds. These clouds allow authorized users to perform self-service provisioning of virtual machines.

By doing so, administrators are able to reduce their own administrative workload, provide a better experience to end users, and potentially discourage users from resorting to the use of shadow IT. Even so, these types of environments are not without their challenges. If left unchecked, self-service provisioning environments can quickly become costly and difficult to manage.

Download this whitepaper to learn about the economics of self-service provisioning, and the steps it takes to regain control of your environment including:

  • The user controls to be implemented
  • How to address scalability requirements
  • Reducing VM waste and sprawl
  • Utilizing comparative reports
Whitepaper: Regaining Control

Download the Whitepaper


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