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Webcast Replay: Creating an IT Self-Service Portal Enabled by Automated Provisioning

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Host.net, a managed IT infrastructure service provider, has enhanced its managed services offering with a self-service IT model that allows them to increase agility and lower costs, and above all, focus on their core competencies.

Primary steps on this journey included:

  • Creating an IT services portal
  • Automating operational workflows and provisioning
  • Implementing detailed reporting and custom billing

View the recording of this webinar, where Host.net's Lenny Chesal, Chief Evangelist, and Chris Hollinger, Associate Director of Network Operations discuss their implementation of best practices and leading technology to future proof their IT needs by offering a scalable, self-service provisioning, and multi-tenant IaaS solution for their cloud customers. Following Chris and Lenny, Mark Jamenskey, EVP of Products for Embotics will give an overview of the vCommander Cloud Management Platform.

If you're new to Embotics vCommander and are looking to simplify your cloud management and deliver IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS), this webinar's for you.

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