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Embotics Recognized as an IDC Innovator

Innovation: A way of life at Embotics

It’s an exciting time here at Embotics. The company has been growing, we’re continuing to pick up new, world-class customers while building relationships with our existing customers, who include some of the best companies and people in the world, and the cloud automation market is on the verge of really taking off.

There are a lot of reasons that so many of us have a hop in our steps around the office lately. One of those reasons was announced earlier this week by IDC, the leading industry analyst firm. IDC put out a report this week highlighting “IDC Innovators” in the multicloud management space, and to the surprise of no one around here, Embotics was included. I won’t go into all of the details here - there will be a press release for that some time next week - but I will say that there is something nice about hearing industry experts - the people whose livelihoods depend on understanding the market - recognize Embotics for what we and our customers understand - that our focus on innovation, delivering fast time-to-value and an easy-to-use interface make Embotics really stand out in the cloud automation world.

This isn’t the first time Embotics has been recognized or lauded by the experts - in fact the list is getting pretty long. In just the past year, we’ve received several accolades: Gartner named Embotics a “Cool Vendor” in cloud automation; Frost & Sullivan honored Embotics with the 2016 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Leadership; and Embotics vCommander was recognized by TechTarget’s SearchServerVirtualization.com as a Best of VMworld 2016 Gold Award winner in the Workload Management and Migration category.

All of those awards and accolades were great - they recognized Embotics, its team and its solutions for what they are. But the reason this IDC recognition means so much is because it honors not just what the company is or the products we deliver to our customer, but the way we do things. Innovation is what sets the market leaders apart from the also-rans and runners up, and to be cited as one of the most innovative cloud management companies is real validation for a team that refuses to sit back and coast.

Companies constantly talk about their commitment to their customers, but at Embotics we show that commitment by continuing to innovate and refine our solutions, all in the service of our customers, who have come to expect is the fastest and easiest automated provisioning and self-service IT across virtualized, private and public cloud infrastructures.

We are grateful to the experts at IDC, and to the customers who drive Embotics to continued innovation. We’ll have more information about this next week, but in the meantime, if you want to learn more about the solution behind the recognition, please click here

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