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Embotics News

Embotics Unveils Significant Updates to Industry Leading - Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

Embotics Commander 7.5 Delivers Improved Self-Service Capabilities and Enhanced Support for Kubernetes and Google Cloud Platform  

Topics: Cloud Automation Software Embotics Cloud Management

New eBook Showcases Cloud Automation Success Stories

Embotics customers understand that proactively improving their service offerings can help preserve market share, compliance, customer relationships, and brand reputation.

This anthology of customer stories shows how companies have leveraged Embotics solutions to combat today’s ever-evolving IT infrastructure challenges and the benefits that these solutions have helped them achieve.

Topics: Cloud Automation Software Microservices Containers

New Whitepaper: Thinking Beyond the VM: Automation and Workflows

Topics: User Controls VM Sprawl & Rightsizing New Collateral Cost Management Cloud Automation Software Self-Service Provisioning Whitepaper