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Embotics News

New Whitepaper: Thinking Beyond the VM: Automation and Workflows

Topics: User Controls VM Sprawl & Rightsizing New Collateral Cost Management Cloud Automation Software Self-Service Provisioning Whitepaper

New Whitepaper: Regaining Control Over Self-Service Provisioning

Over the last several years, many organizations have moved beyond the basic virtual datacenter, and created private or hybrid IaaS clouds. These clouds allow authorized users to perform self-service provisioning of virtual machines.

Topics: User Controls VM Sprawl & Rightsizing New Collateral Cost Management Self-Service Provisioning Whitepaper

New eBook: Top Strategies for Multi-Cloud Management

Many analysts view the move to private and public clouds as technologies that disrupt the status quo when it comes to traditional data center organization and management systems

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New vCommander Datasheet

Embotics vCommander™ leverages a comprehensive set of multi-hypervisor virtualization and cloud management capabilities to allow organizations at any stage of cloud adoption to build and implement the framework, process, automation, and policies that will result in an optimized hybrid cloud environment.

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Credit Acceptance Corp. Enables DevOps to Move Faster

Integral to the success of Credit Acceptance Corporation’s services is delivering timely responses to dealerships and their customers to help enhance the car-buying experience and streamline repayment solutions. It’s this commitment to outstanding service that stretched the IT infrastructure to capacity, creating risks of service outages and delayed response times.

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10 Signs That You Should Invest in a Cloud Management Platform

When confronted with cloud management challenges, many organizations operate on a reactive basis—developing ad hoc solutions to specific problems as they arise. And because of this, many IT cloud management programs are rife with duplicate capabilities, non-standard approaches, process inefficiencies, and the creation of a shadow IT organization. Companies are becoming exposed to unnecessary risks and costs and missing out on opportunities to add business value.

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Everything Your Boss Needs to Know About Chargeback

Expenses within IT are often quite substantial, and are seldom revenue producing, so it’s important to see how these expenses, and in particular the cost of public and private clouds, are shared among the revenue-producing business units.

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Video Case Study: Host.net provides self-service provisioning

Watch this video case study from leading IT services and hosting provider Host.net on their use of Embotics vCommander to provide scalable, self-service provisioning, and multi-tenant Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for cloud customers.

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