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Infrastructure Automation (On-Prem & Public Cloud)

Join Ali Mahmoud, Director of Product Marketing at Embotics to learn about resource, cost, application, & container automation in on-prem and public cloud environments.

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new3Asset 69You don't need automation; until you suddenly do.

The tickets & projects hit a breaking point where something needs to change if you're going to keep up.

Well whether your environment is on-prem or public cloud, IaaS, PaaS or containers we're digging into all forms of infrastructure automation.

In this webinar recording, we cover top automation use cases and do some live tutorials:

  • Resource automation (provisioning, tagging, lifecycle)
  • Cost automation (reporting, rightsizing, RIs, power schedules)
  • Application automation (provisioning, backup/DR, data/config)
  • Container automation (docker, Kubernetes, workflows)

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