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Use Case: Power Schedules to Turn Off Instances After Hours

Power schedules allow your organization to automatically power VMs on and off at specified times.

Learn how your organization can benefit from power schedules today. 

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Many types of workloads don’t need to be running 24/7, but it’s easy to forget to power them down.

And you pay by the hour for the running instances you host in a public cloud environment, so the less time they’re running, the better. 

Using a cloud management platform, you can configure power schedules to automate shut down and restart.

So even if one of your testers forgets to power down their VM at the end of the day, you can rest easy knowing you're not paying for resources you're not using. 

Ensuring your instances are powered down when they ’re not needed can lead to huge savings in large public cloud deployments, and should be an integral part of your cost-savings strategy.

In fact, you can save up to 70% of your cloud bill when power schedules are implemented properly for Dev/QA workloads.

What are Power Schedules?

Power schedules allow your organization to automatically power VMs on and off at specified times.

Making sure your instances power down is particularly useful for public cloud resources. Since running VMs in a public cloud environment can incur higher costs. 

But private cloud VMs that are running unnecessarily consume resources as well. 

So no matter what your clouds are managing, you can rely on cloud automation to optimize resource use.  

How Do Power Schedules Work?

When a CMP like Embotics vCommander executes a power-on and power-off, one task starts and stops all VMs.

Events are generated for each VM power-on and power off. A Shutdown Guest OS command is executed if supported by the hypervisor; otherwise, a Stop VM command is executed.

Use Case for Power Schedules 

One of your testers may spin up an Amazon EC2 instance that they only need to use for testing from Monday to Friday, during working hours.

vCommander’s power schedule groups let you configure a schedule to shut down and restart instances, so you don’t leave them running overnight or on the weekend when no one is using the resources you’re paying for. 

The example above shows a power schedule group that shuts instances down at 7 pm each night and powers them back up at 7 am. This means instances are shut off when users are out of office and back on in time for them to return the next day. This power schedule is also configured to leave instances powered off over the weekend. With this configuration, you could achieve considerable cost savings in compute cost versus an instance that runs constantly.  For an on-demand c4.xlarge Windows instance, this is over $150 of savings each month. 

The Flexibility of the vCommander Model

Instances that must run continuously can be added to the default power schedule group, which takes no action unless you configure it to do so. You can configure a policy to automatically apply a power schedule group to all new instances that appear in a particular location – all instances in a VPC, for example.

If you know the scheduling requirements at the time you define a service catalog entry, you can also assign the power schedule group in the service blueprint. An example of this would be a Windows desktop service in the catalog.

Benefit from Automatic Power Schedule Recommendations

To help with cloud expense management, vCommander automatically issues power schedule recommendations for public cloud instances that have been powered on for more than 24 hours, don’t belong to a power schedule group, and are tagged with certain values. You can customize all of these settings for your particular situation.

See How Power Schedules Can Help your IT Department

Visit our contact page to get in touch with one of our technical experts today. Our team of experts can provide a personalized product demo showing you exactly how power scheduling can help manage your IT department's cloud costs. 

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