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Hybrid Cloud Management Features for Cloud Management Visibility

Private, Public, or Hybrid Cloud Management and Visibility

Complexity Free Installation and Configuration
vCommander provides a powerful and easy-to-use platform without the repetitive configuration, labor intensive operation, and overall cost of other IT self-service solutions.

Multi-cloud and Multi-hypervisor Support
vCommander supports many popular hypervisors and public cloud providers, and we add support for new platforms in each major release. vCommander is focused on providing business value on any hypervisor and any cloud, without locking you into a particular vendor’s technology.

Extensive Out-of-the-Box Reporting 
With vCommander, you can easily export data and automate report generation and searches through scheduling, giving you critical insight into the value and efficiency of your virtual assets. You can also deliver value to the business from day one with configuration-free searches and dashboards.


Provisioning Automation and Orchestration

Automated Provisioning and Lifecycle Management
Use vCommander’s built-in orchestration to automate approvals, provisioning, decommissioning and custom actions to reduce provisioning time, eliminate sprawl, and manage the lifecycle of virtual assets.

End User Self-Service & Distributed Administration 
vCommander hybrid cloud management enables personalized self-service for IT and business users through easily customizable service catalogs and an on-demand user portal. vCommander self-service empowers business and DevOps teams to quickly get the most out of your private and public infrastructure.

Capacity Planning and Quota Management
vCommander features dynamic calculation of resource cost at the moment that users request them, and resource and cost saving suggestions for overprovisioned VMs, help influence user behavior.


Hybrid Cloud Management Features For Provisioning Automation and Orchestration

Hybrid Cloud Management Features for Expense Management

Cloud Expense Management

Economic Comparison and Intelligent Placement
Embotics vCommander hybrid cloud management provides rightsizing recommendations to both the administrator and the end user, enabling users to decide when a VM is overprovisioned, instead of having resource reductions being solely driven by IT. 

Infrastructure Cost Chargeback / Showback / Billing
vCommander’s REST API makes it easy to access VM billing records, working with your existing billing system. Furthermore, vCommander provides cost reports right out of the box should you need a more direct chargeback/showback/billing experience for your customers.

Multi-tenant Support 
vCommander can seamlessly support multiple customers or organizations through approvals and automation, policies, and even customized service offerings with per-organization approvals, quotas, and completion actions.


Cloud Governance and Control

Automated Governance Policy Enforcement
vCommander’s self-service catalog and provisioning automation gives system administrators the flexibility to offer and/or enforce governance policies at provisioning time through workflows.

AWS Tag Enforcement
Public cloud enforcement best practices are to ensure your AWS instances have appropriate tags. This guarantees your instances have been assigned the meta data important for your organization. With vCommander’s AWS tagging synchronization coupled with vCommander’s Compliance Policy, you can certify that all your AWS instances follow these best practices.

Instance Type Control
If you’re using vCommander for self-service provisioning automation, you can control the instance types your developers can use. This keeps the number of instance types used by your organization down to a manageable minimum, allowing you to gain economies of scale and more fully take advantage of Reserved Instance purchases.



Hybrid Cloud Management for Cloud Governance