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Cloud Management Architecture

Snow Commander cloud management architecture was designed from the ground up to overlay seamlessly across your private and public environments, enabling a hybrid experience.


Snow-Embotics is named a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Cloud Management Platforms. Discover why.  


With Snow Commander, you can immediately start providing governance and control over the consumption of your data center and cloud assets. Commander is an all-in-one solution that provides cloud management, orchestration and automation capabilities all pre-integrated. While at the same time its integrations and extensions allow you to fully integrate into your IT environment.

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Commander provides a single pane-of-glass view for your cloud operators, across your entire private and public cloud infrastructure. This can be used by IT admins and architects to setup and control provisioning automation and orchestration. It can also be used by other managers and execs to provide cost allocations, chargeback, and rightsizing optimizations across your IT assets.

Commander provides self-service for your consumers of IT. This enables business agility and real-time service delivery from across the various business units in your organization.

Commander was also meant to be consumed by other automated systems. By leveraging Commander’s REST API, you can enable DevOps and orchestrate provisioning at high rates of speed while still retaining your IT organization’ ITSM policies. Other use cases could include integration with ticketing systems, CMDB, billing rollup, or any other system in your IT infrastructure that requires input or outputs from your cloud automation platform.

Security Layer

Commander is fully integrated with AD/LDAP so that you can leverage your existing group hierarchies, and it provides single-sign-on (SSO) leveraging SAML2 or Windows Session Authentication.  Both administrator and multi-tenant interfaces are supported, with fine grained role based access controls in order to customize the views and capabilities for the various business groups. Commander also provides an optional Remote Access Proxy, which eliminates the needs for browser plugins, custom infrastructure permissions, custom firewall holes while still providing self-service capabilities like SSH/VNC/RDP and console access over HTML5.

Commander Service Platform

Commander’s integrated breadth of capabilities provides all of the base services you need to automate and optimize the use of your private and public cloud investments. The orchestration engine offers a range of built-in workflow automation building blocks. You can also leverage your existing investments in other workflow automation systems or existing scripts of any language.  The policy enforcement engine provides higher level governance controls for lifecycle management of your workloads, this includes decommissioning, ownership and tagging/attribute enforcement, rightsizing, and power scheduling recommendations. Service catalog blueprints allow you to build custom service offerings from VMs, templates, AMIs, CloudFormation Templates, Chef/Puppet/Ansible, or any other workflow you would like to provision.  Intelligent placement and cloud brokering ensures VMs, Instances, and multi-tier applications are provisioned accordingly based on key factors such as workload, user, compliance, cost and clouds in question.

Metering and billing tracks tenant consumption of both your private and public clouds. Resource and cost optimization provides the ability do cost comparison between clouds, and with the cost visibility coupled with rightsizing recommendations, you can fully optimize your cloud costs and get control of financial management. The built-in analytics provide not only cost information, but also out-of-the-box, easy to consume, best practices and deep reporting data are available for both your own data center plus whatever private clouds you consume.

Multi-Cloud Support

Commander provides deep capabilities for today’s most consumed private and public clouds being VMware, Hyper-V, AWS, GCP, Kubernetes and Azure.  In addition to provisioning VMs or Instances, Commander can also orchestrate all range of multi-tier applications, Load Balancers, firewall rules, PaaS, Containers, or in fact anything that requires automation in your hybrid cloud.

Ecosystem Integrations

Snow Commander integrates seamlessly with the 3rd party system investments you’ve made for your existing data center and cloud solutions. Key examples include Chef/Puppet/Ansible which help move the organization to a DevOps model of consumption, Zerto to integrate disaster recovery, or ServiceNow as the incident and CMDB system of choice. In fact, Commander can integrate with any system that has an API. See other examples here, or search our ever-expanding knowledge base.

Enterprise Scalable and Highly Available

Commander is deployed in your data center on-prem or in your public cloud, and has proven and long running deployments in large enterprise and service provider environments. 17,000+ VMs, many hundreds of concurrent users, and thousands of orchestration tasks, can all be managed through Commander’s server deployed in either a single server or a highly-available configuration. NASA, Charter and many others all entrust their cloud automation capabilities to Snow Commander.

Ideal for Both Greenfield and Brownfield Deployments

Commander can easily enable new greenfield application deployments for your private and public clouds. However most environments already have existing application workloads under management, and that’s why Commander also adds immediate value in these brownfield environments. There is no requirement for you to make changes to these already provisioned applications. You don’t need to install any agents, and you don’t need to make modifications to either how and where these applications are already provisioned. With Commander you can start providing self-service immediately.

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Product Architecture

Snow Commander is built from the ground up to overlay seamlessly across your private and public environments, enabling a hybrid experience. Learn how ->


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