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Embotics Ecosystem Integrations

Embotics® vCommander® integrates seamlessly with the 3rd party systems you’ve made for your existing data center and cloud solutions.


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In many cases 1+1 really does equal 3, and the combined value of vCommander’s automation capabilities coupled with the particular application of your choosing, makes for a superior solution for your consumers of IT services.


Service Desk & ITSM

vCommander provides its own ticketing system, while at the same time it can be integrated with any current system you have such as ServiceNow, Remedy, Cherwell, or others. Ticket information can flow in one or both directions, with approvals occurring in either system, and vCommander performing the underlying provisioning automation.  vCommander can also populate and update CI’s in your CMDB when workloads are provisioned, decommissioned or modified.  Our team of cloud automation experts can provide best practice recommendations based on our extensive industry experience.


You’re already leveraging Active Directory (AD) or LDAP, in some cases with extensive complexity in the area of groups of domains.  vCommander can leverage existing AD groups to provide multi-tenant RBAC for different departments or organizations. If you’re looking for seamless user experience with single sign-on (SSO), vCommander also comes with SAML2 WebSSO and Windows SSO.

IP Address Management (IPAM)

Whether you’re using BlueCat, Infoblox, vCommander’s own IP pools, or any other solution, vCommander’s provisioning engine pulls IP information from the IPAM solution to provide static IPs for your workloads.

Configuration Management and DevOps

Chef, Puppet and Ansible are becoming de-facto tools in the arsenal of development teams adopting a DevOps model. vCommander Service Catalog blueprints provide deep integration with these solutions, thus enabling IT to make either hard-coded or a la carte application offerings to their development community.

Other IT Services

You may be leveraging best-in-class tools like Zerto for disaster recovery (DR) or Veeam for regularly scheduled backups. vCommander provides the ability to integrate these in your automated data center deployments. In fact, any third party solution that has an API can be easily integrated into vCommander’s orchestration.

REST API for Custom Integrations

vCommander comes out of the box with an extensive REST API that enables any number of automation use cases. These include integration into CD/CI pipeline with tools like Jenkins, push and pull workload metadata information, cost model configuration and billing data rollup, workflow management. In fact for any other task you’d like to automate in your data center, you can leverage vCommander‘s orchestration engine and extensive REST API.

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Product Architecture

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