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Cloud Cost Management

Get complete cost governance across your private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.



Snow-Embotics is named a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Cloud Management Platforms. Discover why.  


Snow Commander’s integrated cloud cost management capabilities provides cost visibility, actionable cost savings, and cloud cost comparisons. Start demonstrating the true value of services that IT is delivering to the business.


Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud Cost Reporting

Commander assigns and tracks virtual asset costs in real time. With out-of-box and flexible cost models, Commander® allows you to customize your showback/chargeback reporting. From literally  minutes after installation, you can be delivering billing reports to your business users showing them their real costs of IT services.
In many organizations the movement to public cloud continues. Commander provides real private/public cloud cost comparisons, so that you can be making unemotional decisions about where workloads are best suited to run.

Rightsizing Recommendations

Rightsizing means ensuring that all Virtual Machines or Instances in your hybrid cloud are allocated the correct resources for their workload, with the goal of minimizing costs and maximizing performance. In public cloud environments, over-provisioned instance types mean higher daily costs. And for private cloud workloads, rightsizing your workloads can result in deferred hardware purchase savings of over several quarters, years, or even in perpetuity. With Commander’s configurable rightsizing, you can enforce more aggressive rightsizing thresholds for less critical workloads (e.g. dev/test vs production), leading to even more savings.

Power Schedules

You pay by the hour for the running instances that you host in the public cloud, so the less time they’re running, the better. Many types of workloads don’t need to be running 24/7, but it’s easy to forget to power them down. Commander's power schedule groups let you configure a schedule to shut down and (optionally) restart instances, so you don’t leave them running overnight or on the weekend when nobody is using the resources you’re paying for.

Reserved Instances

If using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Reserved Instances (RIs) are one of the most obvious way to control compute costs, allowing you to reserve Amazon EC2 computing capacity in exchange for a significantly discounted hourly rates (up to 75%) compared to On-Demand Instance pricing. However determining where to optimize your RI spend can be a challenging task. Commander’s RI planner report does all of the analytics for you, and makes recommendations on the best return for your RI purchases.

Self-Service and Orchestration

Commander provides cost visibility and rightsizing recommendations directly to self-service users. These types of “shameback” reports can empower the business units to make the most optimal resource/cost benefit decisions for your organization. And by leveraging Commander’s orchestration engine, recommendations can be fully automated to make actionable changes that immediately optimize your hybrid cloud costs.

VM Sprawl

Commander helps remediate VM sprawl by keeping track of all provisioned VMs and providing them with customizable expiration times. The VM owner will be notified about pending expiration and if they take no action to confirm that the VM is still important and in use, the VM will be preserved and removed from service freeing up its resources.

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