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Virtual Lab Automation 

vCommander allows IT to provide teams with rapid, on-demand access to temporary instances of virtual resources. Learn how. 



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Application owners, development and testing teams, support and training organizations can create, deploy and reconfigure multi-tier system configurations in seconds. Self-service management with policy-based access control reduces administrative burden and infrastructure management costs, and empowers businesses to deliver new or updated applications rapidly and with greater agility.

Provisioning Automation & Application Deployment

Are you looking to optimize your testing and development processes, reducing your time to market? vCommander simplifies and streamlines the process of gathering and interconnecting machines, installing and maintaining operating systems, adding and updating applications and resolving problems such as software bugs. vCommander supports open, continuous communication among members and subgroups within a large, diverse development team. Users can deploy, capture, and share multi-tier application environments in seconds while IT remains in administrative control. Get automation working for you.

Virtual Lab Management & DevOps

Do you want to give your development and business unit teams the power to be self-sufficient without sacrificing control over your infrastructure? vCommander provides lab self-service and automation. Leveraging REST APIs vCommander integrates directly with your continuous integration (CI) servers and build management tools. This allows for continuous testing and integration of software applications, shortening delivery schedules and improving software quality.

Quota Management

Providing a software-defined datacenter for your users should be uncomplicated. vCommander provides a flexible quota model based on either resources or costs, and that’s easily tailored to your organization’s needs in a multi-tenant fashion. IT staff remain in control of access rights, resource quotas and deployment policies, while at the same time empowering self-service to the various organizational teams.

VM Sharing & Collaboration

Do you want to increase development productivity by enabling easy sharing of virtual assets within and across teams? For example, if someone in QA has reproduced a bug discovered during testing, they can share the exact VM configuration with a developer, speeding up the bug resolution process. vCommander deploys, captures and shares any system configuration, enabling teams to prototype new applications rapidly; test software releases on a broader range of system configurations; and capture, reproduce and resolve defects more easily.

End User Self-Service

vCommander enables personalized self-service for Lab and DevOps users through easily customizable service catalogs and an on-demand user portal. vCommander self-service empowers teams to enable provisioning, performance troubleshooting, console access, and more, all to get the most out of your private and public infrastructure.

VM Power Scheduling

These days, running infrastructure in the public cloud can be costly. vCommander helps reduce your public cloud spending by automating power schedules for Dev and QA workloads.

Fenced Network Deployments

If you’re looking to provide your teams with the ability to make existing copies of multi-tier production applications, fenced network deployments allow you to do just that. Deploy virtual machine configuration clones simultaneously, and preserve the original system settings without causing network conflict.  The network fencing technology of vCommander lets multiple users deploy copies of the same library configuration simultaneously, without having to change machine characteristics such as IP addresses, MAC addresses, or security IDs – and yet still have full network access, helping your teams to fully automate their complex application provisioning needs.

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Product Architecture

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