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Cloud Automation and Orchestration

Despite their benefits, Hybrid-cloud environments can be difficult to manage. Embotics® vCommander® is the fastest way to deploy and automate provisioning and enable self-service IT across virtualized, private and public cloud infrastructures while optimizing costs and resources.

Embotics Private/Hybrid Cloud Automation and Orchestration

End User Self-Service & Distributed Administration

vCommander enables personalized self-service for IT and business users through easily customizable service catalogs and an on-demand user portal. vCommander self-service empowers business and DevOps teams to quickly get the most out of your private and public infrastructure.

Multi-Hypervisor and Multi-Cloud Management

From a platform-neutral, single console, vCommander analyzes, federates, manages and orchestrates across private, public and hybrid cloud environments, including VMware vSphere, Microsoft® Hyper-V, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft® Azure.

Provisioning Automation and Application Deployment

Built-in orchestration to automate approvals, provisioning, decommissioning and custom actions to reduce provisioning time, eliminate sprawl, and manage the lifecycle of virtual assets.

Flexible Workflows and Lifecycle Management

Easily customizable and extensible through a web-based user interface, it addresses your particular IT and business needs. Easily leverage any pre-existing scripts, or make use of vCommander’s library of workflow building blocks.

Intelligent Resource Optimization and Capacity Management

Improve IT resource utilization and prevent sprawl across virtual and cloud environments through rightsizing, intelligent workload placement, and reclamation of resources.

Brownfield and Greenfield Solution

Provide a lab management solution that overlays easily across both your existing private infrastructure and public cloud workloads. It provides immediate value for your pre-existing VMs and Instances, while at the same time facilitating new consumption in your various virtual data center sandboxes.

Fast Time To Value

vCommander is amazingly easy to install and configure. With most installation and configurations taking less than 20 minutes, vCommander can start deploying instances in your private/public/hybrid cloud environment almost immediately.