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Solutions for Service Providers

With a solution that is private and public, vendor neutral, and integrated with all current (and future) services, your customers will grow with you rather than look elsewhere.



Snow-Embotics is named a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Cloud Management Platforms. Discover why.  


You’re looking for multi-tenant cloud management software that speeds and simplifies provisioning. Your customers want a rich self-service experience from a portal. The business demands growth from new customers and increased wallet share from your current ones. Your solution needs to support your current catalog, offer flexibility for future product directions, and can never bring your infrastructure down because of software upgrades or configurations...ever.

Snow Commander is the award winning cloud automation and orchestration software solution that overlays easily across both your existing private infrastructure and public cloud workloads, delivering a rich customer experience in a branded portal with a true hypervisor and cloud platform neutrality, and integrating with your entire product catalog including managed services or Disaster Recovery into a single, easy-to-use platform.

vCommander-Service-Providers-1Complexity-free Self-service Portals

Powerful customer self-service is easy to enable with Commander. Snow Commander provides a powerful and easy-to-use platform without the repetitive configuration, labor-intensive operation, and overall cost of other customer self-service solutions. See why so many people have switched to Commander.

Provisioning Automation and Application Deployment

Automate the end-to-end delivery and continuous management of infrastructure and application services. With configurable maintenance windows and workflow scheduling, change orders can be automated and are easily integrated into your existing SLAs and operations processes.

Commander provides console and RDP access to your customers securely and over public networks such as the Internet. In addition, Commander provides an optional proxy appliance that allows users secure console access to their VMware and Hyper-V VMs. Customers can open multiple console and RDP sessions simultaneously through their browser, while generating access records for audit purposes.

Chargeback & Billing

Commander’s REST API makes it easy to access VM billing records, working with your existing billing system to invoice customers. Furthermore, Commander provides billing reports right out of the box should you need a more direct billing experience for your customers.

Flexible Workflows & Lifecycle Management

Use Snow Commander’s built-in orchestration to automate approvals, provisioning, decommissioning and custom actions to reduce provisioning time, eliminate sprawl, and manage the lifecycle of virtual assets.

Commander helps by streamlining and automating the provisioning and decommissioning processes using policy-based rules. With a library of common workflow steps, Commander automates approvals for new workloads by performing provisioning steps such as automatically joining a machine to a domain, and by executing applications in the guest OS.

With its extensible integration points, Commander makes it easy to communicate with third-party applications and data sources so you can automate even the most challenging operations using simple PowerShell commands or the scripting language of your choice.

Multi-Hypervisor and Public Cloud Brokering

From a platform-neutral, single console, Commander analyzes, manages and orchestrates across private, public (AWS and Azure) and hybrid cloud environments.

Commander provides a single pane of glass for your administration and operations teams, simultaneously aggregating and federating your hosting infrastructure and any public clouds.  You can provide hosted self-service today, while at the same time providing a platform for optionally brokering workloads to other clouds while retaining and controlling the experience of your customers.

Multi-tenant Support

Commander can seamlessly support multiple customers or organizations through approvals and automation, policies, and even service offerings customized for each customer. 

With Commander’s per-organization approvals, quotas, and completion actions, you can tailor your service offerings to each customer, just as you do today. 

Onboard Customers' Existing Public Cloud Resources

As a service provider you regularly onboard new customer’s existing VM workloads from their own private datacenter into your hosted environments. You may want to do the same for those customers who have existing resources in AWS or Azure. There are two options.  First, keep those resources running in those public clouds and offer your unique value-add services in managing them. Or, your customers may want to keep their AWS/Azure accounts to themselves and you want to provide an easy self-service experience for your customers to bring these resources under management.

Commander allows your customers to directly enter their AWS/Azure account credentials, and through our self-service automation process for public cloud brokering, these resources can automatically be assigned directly back to that customer’s specific multi-tenant view. At the same time those public cloud credentials will remain only known to that customer, ensuring security and piece of mind for their public cloud accounts.

Integrations and REST API

Whether you’re using Zerto, ServiceNow, Veeam, or any other 3rd party systems, Commander's existing integrations and extensive REST API will allow you to integrate with all of your existing back end systems to make automating processes such as customer on-boarding, billing, asset management and custom automations simpler and more straightforward.

Custom Branding

The Snow Cloud Management Platform allows you to brand the service portal with your logo, colors and brand look-and-feel, making it easy for you to introduce Commander as an integral part of your overall services.

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Product Architecture

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