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Provide resources to dev faster.  

Business Case: Developers need access to resources and the ability to deploy apps faster

Pain Point: Approvals take too long, provisioning, app deploy and config are too time consuming

Solution: Embotics full stack infrasructure management 

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Guardrails and traffic lanes allow a driver to go fast in a safe and structured environment. 

Now apply that idea to how IT provisions resources. Think of Embotics cloud management as the guardrails you can add to your provisioning process. What does guardrails translate too? A simpler list of options and pre-approved resources which all allow users to request resources in a structured way. 

Turn your two week, unstructured provisioning process....

Today, service requests within your organization may take up to 2 weeks to deliver...

Here's what a typical workflow looks like: 


Into an automated process

With Embotics Commander, this process takes one hour... 



Up to 80x faster provisioning. What does this mean?

  • Uplift in employee productivity
  • Longer QA testing time
  • Ship products to market faster 

Solutions Gallery

An end-user service catalog can include single- and multi-tier apps, multi-cloud services, ARM templates and AWS CloudFormation templates. You can use the built-in orchestration capabilities to automate the approval process, provisioning and decommissioning.

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View a list of service requests awaiting your approval.


Give dev the power to move fast. Get started with infrastructure management.

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