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Intelligent Workload Placement in Hybrid Cloud Environments. 

Your organization has a number of options for handling IT services.

Will deploying to a private or public cloud make the best use of your resources? Should you go with the cheapest option or are there other important factors that you should consider before cost? How do you control the number of workloads your users set up?

Intelligent placement can help you deal with these questions and optimize your resource allocation.

Intelligent Placement New Service Request

What is Intelligent Placement? 

Commander's Intelligent Placement ensures workloads are automatically deployed to an optimal location, based on criteria you define.  

You can configure a placement strategy by deciding what factors are most important to you and you can set how placement decisions are made. You can set some factors to be required, and others to be preferred. Let’s look at some factors that Intelligent Placement can take into consideration during your deployments:


Setting quotas can be useful for cloud-bursting.  For example, you might exceed your quota on private clouds, and Commander can be set up to automatically switch to deploying on a public cloud instead. You can configure distinct quota limits available to a user or to an organization.


How much will the service cost? You can change the priority of this rating to be of the highest importance or make other factors have priority over cost.

Placement Attributes:

You may want to factor in other features of the destinations you’re considering. Examples of attributes you can create are:

  • Is Private or Public cloud preferred?
  • Which datacenter?
  • Which geographic region?
  • Is backup required?
  • Is PCI compliance required?
  • What licensing to use?

You assign these placement capabilities to a deployment destination and you assign placement attribute values to a published service. Placement attributes can be created from existing list-type custom attributes. See “Changing a custom attribute into a placement attribute”.
Intelligent Placement Editing Automated Deployment Placement

Why is Intelligent Placement Important for Organizations?

You can use Intelligent Placement to help you optimize the deployment of your workloads. Decide what deployment factors are most important to you and set up the Intelligent Placement parameters to reflect those priorities. You can rate locations based on:

  • the number of workloads that can be accommodated
  • how much a service will cost, or
  • other placement attribute values such as cloud type, datacenter, geographic region.

With Intelligent Placement, Commander predicts and selects the best deployment location for a new service request.

Intelligent Placement - Placement Strategy

Use Case: Intelligent placement of a Workload in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Say you want to give your users a choice of hosting in New York, Philadelphia or Boston datacenters.

Since you're working in a hybrid cloud environment, your organization can choose between Public or Private cloud environments, but corporate policy dictates that the service they select requires a DR-enabled location.

So you assign appropriate values to these datacenters and set up the options in the Service Catalog Form Designer. The requester’s choices will then dictate the options that appear in the Service Catalog, but they’re only able to select options that are DR-enabled. You’ve imposed that limitation on their options while giving them choices of location and cloud type.

They will be able to see the most cost-effective options that meet all the corporate policy criteria. Intelligent Placement - Configure Placement Attribute

Commander and Intelligent Placement Capabilities

Commander uses monitoring analytics data and cost data to choose the right deployment destination for your workloads. You can optimize the placement of your services to give you exactly the resources your users need – no more, no less – in the best location using the most cost-effective deployment.

Embotics is a recognized market leader for its cloud management platform Commander,  used by both service providers and enterprise.

Interested in seeing how your organization can benefit from intelligent placement? Request a demo today with one of our technical experts and see Commander in action. 

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