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Manage your Cloud Spend Growth.

Business Case: Management is unable to contain cloud budgets

Pain Point: Cloud spend continues to rapidly expand 

Solution: Automated cloud cost recommendations and lifecycle management

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Despite all the promises of cost savings, enterprises are still seeing bills that are double what was initially forecasted.

Your cloud spend is doubling every month...

Here's what a typical workflow looks like: 


With Embotics Commander costs are transparent for users, admins and managers. Recommendations and lifecycle automation allows cost savings throughout the month.



Typically customers realize savings of $1M for every $10M of cloud infrastructure spend from rightsizing, power scheduling and lifecycle automation.

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The Cost Dashboard allows you to see the cost of all services across your infrastructure environment for your organization, providing you with the cost information you need to make informed cloud cost decisions.

Cost Dashboard

Rightsizing ensures that all instances in your public cloud environment are allocated the correct resources for their workload.

A CMP can predict and identify constraining resources and provide rightsizing recommendations to both administrators and end users.


Chargeback (or showback) makes your service consumers and revenue-producing business units aware of the costs of IT. These costs are often substantial, and rarely revenue-producing. Chargeback and showback also allow you to control those escalating costs, improve decision-making, align behaviour with organizational goals, and lead to effective use of IT.

Est. Annual Costs

A policy engine automates application lifecycle management, ensuring that services are decommissioned when no longer needed. Flexible notification and expiry extension options ensure that users are well informed and can keep resources active for as long as they need to, without introducing sprawl.


Take control of your cloud costs. Get started with cloud cost management today.

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