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Standardize your provisioning process. 

Business Case: Decrease admin troubleshooting time / security risks

Pain Point: Lack of standardization

Solution: Consistent and reliable provisioning through service automation

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Standardization is key to successful full stack infrastructure management. Guardrails for users, easier approvals and provisioning for you, and analytics to help you know where to focus.

Manual provisioning produces inconsistent builds...

Here's what a typical workflow for admins looks like: 



With Embotics Commander, a standard service catalog item is provisioned consistently every time ensuring consistent and reliable services.



Lack of standardization is the root cause of 40% of support tickets in enterprises that don’t deploy zero touch provisioning.

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Commander’s self-service catalog and provisioning automation gives administrators the flexibility to offer and/or enforce cloud governance policies at provisioning time through workflows. Security image scans can be executed before powering on a new VM. The master images contained in the service catalog that are used as templates for the organization can be updated with the latest security patches. New production VMs can be registered and scheduled for the appropriate backup services when they are provisioned. 

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Using Commander, admins can set up command workflows to perform tasks or commands on deployed resources or on-prem / public cloud infrastructure, including

  • Assign an IP address
  • Install an operating system and patches
  • Install applications
  • Install network security applications
  • Power off a VM and delete it from disk
  • Configure a load balancer or firewall for a group of components


Add governance and standardization to your provisioning process. Get started today. 

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