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Cloud Expense Management with Embotics vCommander

vCommander 7 includes full cost visibility and cost optimization for both your private and public cloud environments. Learn how today.


icon-cloud-expense-mgt1vCommander 7 now delivers significant additional depth in both private and public cloud cost visibility, providing the data you require to make informed cloud cost decisions.

vCommander will analyze your full public cloud bill so that you can determine how best to optimize your spend, identify cost anomalies, and deliver showback/chargeback reports to the business units.


Enhanced Cost Analytics

With enhanced cost analytics, you can quickly highlight spikes in day-to-day spending and identify their root cause. You can also see your cumulative costs for the current month and its trend, and compare them to last month. Determine your most expensive cloud accounts, or the business units spending the most. Dashboards are available for both cloud administrators and the end cloud consumers, for full self-service analysis and remediation.

Automated Rightsizing Recommendations

vCommander already provides a range of recommendations to optimize your cloud spend. With vCommander 7, you can now fully automate VM/Instance rightsizing recommendations in order to optimize your infrastructure and cloud spending in real-time. We've enhanced rightsizing groups, which allow you to specify different rules for various workload categories (such as Dev, Prod, web server, and DB). For each rightsizing group, you can enable automated remediation, and you can specify that recommendations are applied through a change request, in a maintenance window, or immediately, so that changes can be made in a properly governed fashion.


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What's New in vCommander 7

About Embotics

Embotics is the cloud automation company for IT organizations and service providers that need to improve provisioning or enable self-service capabilities. With a relentless focus on delivering a premier user experience and unmatched customer support, Embotics is the fastest and easiest way to automate provisioning across private/public/hybrid cloud infrastructures. Its flagship product, Embotics vCommander, is used by organizations including NASA, Informatica and Charter Communications.

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