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Cloud Governance with vCommander 7

With vCommander 7, you can ensure the alignment of security and operations while still retaining DevOps productivity which is critical to achieving your business goals. Learn how today.


icon-sec-devopsvCommander provides the automation capabilities to ensure the compliance integral to all forms of automation is properly adhered to. Be it self-service IaaS or the DevOps CI/CD pipeline, you can automatically and non-intrusively enforce standardized configurations, tagging, and templates, and apply policy-based governance to workloads.

Traditional security is no longer an option. The rate at which modern applications change means legacy processes and tools are constantly playing catch up and unable to effectively mitigate risk by encompassing best practices and proven strategies into application design. While security cannot be an afterthought, it should also not be the domain of application developers who are focused on delivering business value, but instead be part of an integral DevSecOps strategy. The practices and wisdom accrued by years of operations experience can be codified and automatically inserted in your DevOps and release management pipelines.

vCommander helps ensure proper governance by:

  • Baking in best practices to application deployments
  • Enforcing standard environments and automating vulnerability scanning
  • Public cloud tag automation and enforcement
  • Preventing deployments from untrusted sources
  • Authorization of deployment and change requests with audited approvals and scheduled maintenance windows


What's New in vCommander 7

About Embotics

Embotics is the cloud automation company for IT organizations and service providers that need to improve provisioning or enable self-service capabilities. With a relentless focus on delivering a premier user experience and unmatched customer support, Embotics is the fastest and easiest way to automate provisioning across private/public/hybrid cloud infrastructures. Its flagship product, Embotics vCommander, is used by organizations including NASA, Informatica and Charter Communications.

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