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Embotics vCommander 7 is delivering next generation cloud management software that is built for automation, orchestration, and governance of both traditional and new microservice-based applications while facilitating DevOps.

Speed Under Control for DevOps Automation

DevOps teams like to move fast, and ship frequently. Consistently deploying applications into standardized environments is one of the best ways to achieve application rollout success, but most teams still rely on hard-coded scripts and manual instructions. How can you orchestrate all of these tools in an efficient and auditable way?

vCommander’s fully extensible orchestration engine works seamlessly with your DevOps tool suite and provides the “speed under control” required for production DevOps automation.

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Containers as a Service (CaaS) Capabilities for End-Users

Your developers want Kubernetes but you don’t know where to start. The installation can be daunting and everyone seems to have a different way to configure it.  Whether it’s on-premise or in the cloud, bare metal or virtualized, existing installs or new deployments, you need tools to manage your clusters and help you manage the break-neck speed of container-based development. Deploy new clusters from standard blueprints and upgrade to new versions of Kubernetes with confidence.

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Make Informed Cloud Cost Decisions

Are you still recovering from the sticker shock of your first public cloud bill? Do you have a mandate to provide showback or chargeback? Have you inherited public cloud accounts from Development teams or through acquisition? vCommander 7 includes full cost visibility and cost optimization for both your private and public cloud environments.

Moreover, vCommander provides many of these capabilities whether consumption is Cloud Brokered – through vCommander itself, or Cloud Direct – via the cloud-native APIs. You don’t have to change the way you consume cloud in order to get all of the power of the vCommander CMP and save 50% or more on your public cloud bill.

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Intelligent Placement Puts Workloads in the Optimal Location

Hedging your bets by maintaining a multi-cloud strategy? Concerned about data sovereignty? Looking to burst into the cloud during periods of peak demand? With policy driven Intelligent Placement and a multi-cloud catalog, vCommander can automatically place new workloads in the optimal location. Once policy has been created you can rest easy knowing vCommander will prevent sensitive data from being deployed in unprotected areas, or that developers are not consuming expensive public cloud resources when there is available capacity on-premise.

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Align Security and Operations with DevOps Productivity

Have development teams gone around IT to consume resources in an ungoverned fashion? Have CI/CD pipeline processes grown organically, but now need governance as applications get deployed into production? With vCommander 7 you can ensure the alignment of security and operations while still retaining DevOps productivity which is critical to achieving your business goals.

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The world's leading companies choose Embotics vCommander for managing their private, public and hybrid cloud environments. 

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