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Enterprise Priorities for Hybrid Cloud Management - Market Analysis 

This webinar will examine the growing need for a CMP in today's market, factors to consider when deciding to move to a CMP, and how to ensure successful deployment in your organization.



Cloud Management - Proof of Concept Made Easy

Join large scale virtualization expert and VMware vExpert Stuart Burns as he gives a 3rd party perspective on how to setup a functional day-one proof of concept within a couple of hours using Embotics vCommander..

Proof of Concept Made Easy

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Practical Ways to Improve Hybrid Cloud Governance and Optimize Costs

Best practices to improve your cloud governance and reduce your public cloud costs and private infrastructure costs, and demonstrate practical ways to implement them.

Cloud Governance Webinar

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CMP 2.0: New Priorities for Managing Hybrid Cloud, Containers, and DevOps

The top 10 priorities in 2017 to get your business moving faster than ever with provisioning automation and DevOps while reducing costs and maintaining proper governance.

Webinar: New priorities for Manageing Hybrid Cloud, Containersand DevOps

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Embotics vCommander - Your #1 vCD alternative

With support for VMware® vCloud Director (vCD) ending soon, are you now looking for a replacement? Embotics vCommander is a ten-year mature product that you can trust from now into the future.

Webinar: Your #1 vCD Alternative

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Beyond Cloud Automation:
Reshaping your Cloud Strategy in 2017

Featured speakers Forrester Principal Analyst, Dave Bartoletti, and Embotics CTO, Scott H. Davis, discuss key trends in Hybrid cloud computing, and how they could impact your strategy in 2017

Beyond Cloud Automation

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Critical Success Factors in Delivering Cloud (and related) Services

Lessons learned while helping a national IT infrastructure provider grow its cloud business from inception to significant success.

Critical Success Factors Webinar

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Cloud Management Platforms-The State of the Market in 2016 and Beyond

Join William Fellows, VP and co-founder of 451 Research, along with guest speaker Scott Davis, CTO at Embotics, as they dissect the key takeaways and findings of 451’s CMP market study of cloud technology buyers.

State of the Market Webinar

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 The Evolving Role of IT in a Cloud World

Why IT still has a vital and integral role to play in cost-effectively managing different application architectures and methodologies across a multi-cloud environment .

The Role of IT in a Cloud World

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The Path to Agility: Process or Automation

The ability to deploy the technology needed to support the business goals as quickly as possible is the goal. A difficult question is where do you start?

The Path to Agility

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The Journey to Self-Service IT and Cloud Cost

An in-depth case study of Serena Software and their implementation of best practices and leading technology to enhance their capabilities related to ITaaS and IT Cost Visibility.

Serena Case Study Webinar

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Making the Case for Automation.

14 time Microsft MVP Brien Posey discusses how automation can help organizations to use their IT resources more efficiently automating manual tasks and to reclaiming wasted resources.

Making the Case for Automation

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IT Best Practices for Managing (or Inheriting!)
Public Cloud Workloads

Learn how to overcome the common challenges for tracking and controlling public cloud spending, and how to best to optimize for the hybrid cloud of the future using automated cost-saving strategies.

IT Best Practices for Managing or Inheriting Public Cloud Workloads

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10 Signs You Need to Invest in a Cloud Management Platform

Embotics Founder & President, Jay Litkey, discusses the tell-tale signs that have led others to explore the benefits of a cloud management platform solution.

10 Signs you Need to Invest in a Cloud Management Platform

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An Introduction to vCommander

Learn why hundreds of companies rely on vCommander to optimize the automation, deployment and configuration of IT services within private, public and hybrid clouds.

An Introduction to vCommander

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Linking App Development to Hybrid Cloud Ops

An in-depth review of best practices and leading technology integration between Embotics and Chef to enhance development and IT capabilities related to automation and IT business management.

Linking App Development to Hybrid Cloud Opps

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Creating an IT Self-Service Portal Enabled by
Automated Provisioning

Host.net, a managed IT infrastructure service provider, has enhanced its managed services offering with a self-service IT model that allows them to increase agility and lower costs.

Host.net Case Study

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Automating Cloud Services: Strategies and Best Practices

An in-depth case study of DYONYX and their implementation of best practices and leading technology to enhance their capabilities related to IaaS and Hybrid Cloud Orchestration.

Dyonyx Webinar Case Study

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